Friday Finds 10.22.2010

Friday Finds 10.22.2010

The Dwell team was heavily inspired by art and photography this week. Enjoy a little bit of culture as we head into the weekend!
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This is a series of photographs that document a single Dutch woman aiming a gun at a fairground shooting gallery; the fascinating thing is that the images were taken throughout her life, beginning in 1936 when she was a teenager and continuing to this day. The photographs, captured each time she hit the target, not only document one woman's proclivity for marksmanship but also give us a cultural snapshot evidenced by the changing crowd that surrounds her. The photographs were collected and edited by Erik Kessels and Joep Eijkens, and will appear in a soon-to-be published book.

Aaron: 1010 Project

I came across this charming photo project that sets ten photographers out and about on an average day, and asks them only to record ten humble images on "the essence of daily life." 1010 Project was conceived by Londoner Victoria Hannan (who participates) "as an antidote to everything in modern life always having to be bigger, better, louder and brighter than what’s been before." It's lovely, nostalgic stuff from around the world. Plenty of small moments here: shoes, sandwiches, scattered leaves. 

Miyoko: The work of Pieke Bergmans

This week I stumbled upon the website of Pieke Bergmans and was lost scrolling through the pages and pages of lovely designs. But not only do the images show Bergman's designs, they also highlight her process. Virus vase aflame atop of Sori Yanagi Butterfly stool anyone? Yes please!

Sam: Container List

Container List is the official blog of the Milton Glaser Design Study Center and Archives at the School of Visual Arts in New York, and features beautifully scanned ephemera from the archives. There are not only pieces by Glaser but also other visual giants of the 20th century, including Chermayeff & Geismar, Seymour Chwast, and George Tscherny. If you, like me, love the idea spending hours digging through the archives of great designers, let Container List's fingers do the walking. For more inspiration from Milton, here's a few words to live by.

Jaime: I Lay My Hat and Wish to Stay

Bloggers Linda Berlin and Emma Persson Lagerberg are the Todd Selby of Sweden, peeking into their friends' and neighbors' houses and work spaces and presenting what they find through photographs on their blog, I Lay My Hat and Wish to Stay. They open doors and medicine cabinets to reveal intimate accumulations, messy jumbles, and rumpled bedsheets. They don't post that often, but what they've got on their site so far is well worth a voyeuristic browse.

Jordan: Historic Film: Market Street 1906

Take a vintage trip down Market Street in this fascinating clip from that stalwart-ticking-clock, 60 Minutes. Originally dated to 1905, it took a cinema historian to track down its true provenance—taken just days before the epic earthquake in April 1906. SF is jaunty as ever, buzzing with horse-and-carriages, cars, bikes, and be-hatted pedestrians, and it's surreal to think that all of that was destroyed—and eventually rebuilt—so soon after. Well worth a watch, even for who haven't left their hearts in this city by the bay.
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Brendan: Sonnenzimmer Art & Print Studio

It's always a great start the day with an email from passionate artists. This happens often, which makes working at Dwell amazing. To not only be exposed to great architecture, but also great artists, illustrators and photographers, and having the opportunity to work with them. Longtime Dwell contributor and friend, Mike Perry introduced us to Sonnenzimmer, an art and print studio in Chicago. Led by Nadine Nakanishi and Nick Butcher, this duo creates commissioned posters, prints and collaborative art prints that are all screen printed at their studio. Below are some standout examples of their work, one of my favorite being a collaboration they did with Dresden-based textile designer Ina Weise.

Kathryn: Break Point by Fiona Banner

Do you dream in type too? Maybe not. Maybe you dream in line, shape, realism, or some other way. As a detail-obsessed perfectionist, I spend a lot of my day drilled in on the finer spaces between letters and lines, and often find myself caught in those spaces while I slumber. You can imagine my delight to see one of my all-time favorite pieces, Break Point by Fiona Banner, was just announced as an overwhelming favorite as part of the Walker Art Center's upcoming show 50/50: Audience and Experts Curate the Paper Collecton. The preliminary results, with 183 works on/of paper, are on view in a temporary online slideshow here. The final curated show will be on view at the WAC beginning December 16th, 2010.


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