Friday Finds 10.21.11

Friday Finds 10.21.11

This week, the Dwell office was abuzz with saxophone playing KJs, Star Trek the Next Generation, vintage design finds, babies who confused magazines with iPads, and the new Tom Waits record. Scroll down to see what else has been on our minds.
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An ever-so-dashing shot of Wesley Crusher.

A sign of the times: this baby thinks a magazine is a broken iPad.

Saxophone playing DJ Purple spins records and plays solos at Jack's in San Francisco's Potrero Hill and the Make Out Room in the Mission. Check him out.

Amanda: The Real Mad Men Era

Man I love a good vintage-photograph archive. Adweek put together this entertaining slideshow of images from the real Mad Men era, showcasing the salad days of advertising agencies. Click through for a pictorial remembrance of typewriters, desks uncluttered by wires, and lots of tie-wearing.

Aaron: Onion A.V. Club Reviews Episodes of Start Trek: The Next Generation

You likely think that we Dwellers are the epitome of haute-design cool, but the truth is, amongst a few of us, the Sci-Fi vein runs rich and deep. Especially when we start talking about Captain Picard and his NCC-1701-D, the Enterprise. Netflix (or Qwikster, or Hulu, or TVStreamMachine.orgnet or whatever the hell it is) is currently streaming the entire series and the Onion A.V. Club is reviewing some of them. At considerable length. I like it quite a bit, though not as much as the time when I sat behind Brent Spiner (Data) and Jonathan Frakes (Will Riker) at O'Hare Airport.

Jaime: Baby Thinks Print Magazine is a Broken iPad

This video of a baby trying to manipulate a print magazine like an iPad is simultaneously cute and (as an editor and writer who's still quite attached to the print object) deeply disturbing. She pokes and pinches the pages—and when it doesn't seem to work, she checks to make sure her finger still works. I really hope someone is reading books (the paper kind!) to this child...

Diana: Karaoke King DJ Purple

Karaoke is the perfect activity for the attention starved and alcohol fueled. What better way to spend an evening than sweatin' to the oldies as sung by some random stranger. Yesterday, I ventured to Jack's in Potrero Hill to check out DJ Purple, somewhat of a celebrity KJ in San Francisco who is known for his saxophone playing abilities. Our friends at the Bold Italic just posted a great story about DJ Purple (aka Steve Hays). This guy knows how to jam and you should know about him.

Kathryn: CBS Logo Turns 60

Among the many design finds at Back Garage, an online retailer of vintage pieces, is this yellow Georges Briard ice bucket.

Tom Waits' new album is out soon. Catch an early release online.

A selection of handmade hats from one of the last remaining millineries in the United States.

The CBS logo turned 60 this week and as an homage, CBS has this sweet video featuring designer Kurt Weisz and creative director Lou Dorfsman. The page features the evolution of its iconic and well-crafted brand. See more of Dorfsman's work in this video-pitch to save his wall of typographic wonders in the cafeteria at CBS HQ.

Tammy: Brights from the Past

Being one who's instantly drawn to bright-colored vintage household products, I'm always on the lookout for where to get that two-foot-tall orange vase or yet another set of turquoise plates. I recently came across Back Garage, a Chicago studio that collects and sells 1960s, 70s, and 80s furniture and housewares that are not only affordable but are also sure to spark conversation at your next dinner party. For color junkies, like myself, items like the canary yellow vinyl-covered Georges Briard ice bucket (shown) or the indigo Massimo Vignelli bowls are a perfect find. Or if you're more on the achromatic side, a grey Kreuger tandem 4-chair bench or a set of white Gunnar Cyren plastic mugs. Even if you don't buy anything, a browse around their website is a design throwback lesson worth taking. Also, Katherine Raz, one of the founders of Back Garage was also featured in our October Design Finder. Check out the story here.

Katie: Cheese or Font?

I'll be the first to admit that this web game seemed a bit silly—and maybe even too easy, especially if you pride yourself upon being a cheese or typeface connoisseur. But for those of us who aren't, this simple game of "this or that" can prove to be quite challenging, and, well, downright entertaining. With both a practice and game mode, this site will finally put an end to the question, "Is Rudelsberg a cheese or font?"

Alejandro: New Tom Waits

Because it's Friday, and you may just feel like killing some time while you ease into the weekend, head on over and get an online code for Tom Waits new album. The pre-release stream is here and it's incredible. Chicago is one of the best tracks I've heard in a long time. Head here to see some great studio visits with artists and designers. You're welcome.

Leah: Tip Your Cap

I love the 2000+ Hat Collection designed by Jaime Salm and Brian Kelly. These whimsical caps are designed with a modern twist out of 100% wool felt or straw and manufactured by one of the last remaining millineries in the United States. The hats are made-to-order. Pick your colors, size and material. Viola...stylish in your handmade custom hat.

Julia: Wear Today

I love these simple and clean illustrations by Ed Kim. Wear Today is a collection of illustrations of his own outfits throughout the week. Part of me wants to see his choice of pants and shoes/socks, but there is something nice about keeping it this simple.


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