Friday Finds 10.14.11

Happy Friday to you all! Today we present a round-up of our favorite websites, photos, and videos. From compendiums of obscure book illustrations, to epicurean photography (can you tell it's close to lunch?), to landscape design around the globe, scroll down to see what's been on the minds of the staff at Dwell.
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The Mevida Factory Youth Movement by Selgas Caro as seen on Landezine.

Turtlenecks are making a comeback. Good? Bad? Signs point to good so far. Photo by Ben Watts for GQ.

Amanda: The Green Lobster by Will Schofield

Will Schofield of 50 Watts is a professor of digital wormholes and a champion of of resurrecting and cataloging obscure book illustration. My favorite of today? A few select images from a circa-1950 children's book called The Green Lobster, a post created after he culled from what is apparently a huge compendium of Dutch works. His site is so lovingly tended and thoughtfully composed, I always recommend it, though I must include the caveat that if you go, you'll find yourself clicking the day away.

Jaime: Landezine

My husband, a landscape architect, recently showed me this awesome website: a collection of innovative landscape projects around the world, from a "tree museum" in Switzerland to waterfronts and cemeteries in Spain to gardens in China and beyond. Some really cool projects on there, presented in a photo-filled, user-friendly format.

Julia: Scanwiches

Jon Chonko has perfected the process of bisecting and scanning sandwiches. What's not to love about Scanwiches? It's a fantastic concept, and the images are surprisingly beautiful.

Aaron: Turtleneck Sweaters?

For the last couple months I've kind of been thinking that turtleneck sweaters look kind of amazing right now. And then I saw this slideshow on and it's pushing me toward the edge. Am I totally crazy in wanting one of these? Is it insta-70s in the most heinous way? I dunno, they feel pretty fresh.

Diana: "A Quick Shave" by Dial House

A new style of Post-Its for the forgetful sort.

Votives by glassybaby.

San Francisco sure does loves its mustachioed hipsters. Have a gander at this stop motion vid from the branding firm Dial House.

Leah: Note to Self!

Who hasn't been guilty of writing an important reminder, phone number, or email address on ones hand? Or written a note on a teeny-tiny post-it only to loose it? I have. So, what if you could attach a reminder note around your wrist as a guarantee to not forget? Well, now you can with the Montre Post-It note. Fun for adults. Fun for kids. Just plain fun!

Katie: Glassybaby of the Month

I first discovered this Seattle based company at the Remodelista marketplace at Dwell on Design this past summer. It is impossible not to instantly fall in love with these hand blown votives. However, the spectrum of colors offered makes it inconceivable to choose just one. Luckily, there is  a Glassybaby of the Month package! Owner and founder Lee Rhodes hand selects one votive for each month over 3, 6, or 12 months, or a seasonal bouquet (3 for each season) and ships straight to you door. It's no wine or cheeses of the world club, but I think it's just as good.

Tammy: F.Y.I: Focused Young Individuals

Art Against Knives from Nev Brook on Vimeo.

Driven by the debilitating stabbing attack on a 21-year student in East London, Art Against Knives is a youth-led charity powered by the strong mission of reducing the underlying causes of knife-related violence. The grassroots group of positive-minded creatives seeks to provide their peers with alternatives to violence through photography, painting, sculpture, and other art mediums. Their current exhibition "F.Y.I: Focused Young Individuals" is a photography exhibit and art trail produced in collaboration with creative professionals, social enterprises, and over 30 members of the youth community to pay tribute to positive change.


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