Friday Finds 08.09.13

Friday Finds 08.09.13

By Eujin Rhee
Where can you find television show inspired memorabilia, vegetables disguised as cutlery, Orson Welles, James Turrell, and more all in one? In this week's Friday's Finds, of course. Happy weekend!

The ArtScience Museum in Singapore is currently hosting an Essential Eames exhibition, which includes this handy furniture timeline—whose design resembles the exterior of the Eames House—integrating Eames designs with other modern marvels. Courtesy of the Eames Office.

JuliaClever Posters for Orange is the New Black Characters

I don't know about you, but Orange is the New Black got me hooked! Most people I talk to have just recently finished binge-watching the whole season. I came across this Tumblr by a Brazilian design student. These posters were created to represent each character with a specific object that consumes her passion while serving her sentence. I love the simplicity of these posters, and they objects chosen were spot on!


Editors and other wordsmiths are often known as self-appointed vocabulary police, much to the chagrin of their friends, family and professional associates. Finally there is a digital sounding board—nay, a safe place—for like-minded language curmudgeons. Courtesy of Kelsey Keith, I submit Irregardless for your consideration. I will be spending much time here in the future, I can literally bet on it.

EujinEarly Film by Orson Welles Is Rediscovered

Film buffs rejoice! For over 50 years, a print of master director Orson Welles' Too Much Johnson had been known to not exist, but was recently discovered in a "warehouse of a shipping company in the northern Italian port city of Pordenone, where the footage had apparently been abandoned sometime in the 1970s." Interested parties will have to wait until October to see what comes about the newly found print. Fun fact: Welles was only 23 years old when directing Too Much Johnson. Via The New York Times.

Anna: Breaking Bad Drinking Game

In honor of the premiere of Breaking Bad's last season returning this Sunday, August 11, I thought I'd resurrect an oldie but goodie drinking game. As seen in our July/August issue, Bryan Cranston likes his wine too, so play along while watching Mr. White & Pinkman's last stand. For example, you'll participate in taking a sip any time Walt lies, Marie wears something purple, or Jesse says "YO." ( Breaking Bad airs on AMC, 9pm on Sundays).

OliviaCharlotte Olympia’s Pre-Fall Collection

San Francisco’s gloomy weather this July makes it easy for me to imagine pre-fall clothes and accessories. I am especially enthralled with Charlotte Olympia’s Hollywood inspired accessories collection, including an architectural clutch inspired by the classic Hollywood mirror.

KelseyBiodegradable Vegetable Utensils

Fennel knife? Celery fork? Onion spoon? It's a little goofy but perfectly logical considering they're created with a biodegradable material called bioplastic PLA that's derived from vegetable fats, oils, or starches. This (still in prototype phase) place setting was made by product designer Qiyun Deng for her thesis project at the École cantonale d’art de Lausanne in Switzerland.

Jaime: Inside James Turrell's Roden Crater

On the occasion of a James Turrell retrospective at LACMA, the museum commissioned this short film about Turrell's monumental land art project Roden Crater—a huge art piece carved out of an extinct volcano. It's a project shrouded in much mystery, so this is a rare peek into the project and the artists' process.

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