Friday Finds 02.17.12

Friday Finds 02.17.12

Well, folks, it's time for yet another installment of Friday Finds. Scroll down for a look at Kate Bush, one of our favorite pieces from Stockholm Design Week, a stop motion vid, and much more. And if you have your own find to share, let us know in the comments section.
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The office fish, as shot by Leah King.

Aaron: sKate Bush

Clearly Kate Bush is the greatest lady to ever pick up a microphone, and though I can't speak for her kick-flip prowess, I'm confident the dame rides as well as she sings. And finally, finally, finally, a Tumblr has come along to show the world just how much Kate has to give. Run up that hill. Bust that cloud. Call the hounds of love. And drop into the pipe from those Wuthering Heights.

Diana: How it's Made—Slab Vase by Form Us With Love

If you haven't had enough of our Stockholm Design Week coverage, here's a short film on the making of these Silestone Slab Vases by Form Us With Love for Cosentino, which were exhibited. The vases are super fun—you can stack rings of Silestone's natural quartz (what the company makes its countertops from) around a central post to create a custom pattern. While the product isn't for sale, it's a pretty clever marketing tactic. And in case you're wondering (as I did when I saw these) the vases are watertight! I feel the urge to collect all the tile samples we have in the office and make one of these myself.

Jaime: Kittens, Inspired by Kittens

OK, so apparently I am extremely late to the game on this (when I sent Aaron the link, he said: "I saw this two years ago") but this video is the cutest thing I've seen all week, and I think it will make your day.

Katie: Hipgram

So you can't get enough of Pinterest and Instagram? Well if that wasn't enough, now there is Hipgram, a perfect marriage between the two. Simply sign-in with your Instragram login and Hipgram goes straight to work, organizing your photos and all the photos that you've loved and commented on. Above is recent shot by Leah of our new office fish. Beautiful and yes, already on my pin board.

Leah: Address Is Approximate

Address Is Approximate from The Theory on Vimeo.

This is an absolutely brilliant stop motion video created by The Theory. The soothing music and beauty of the shots along with fantastic lighting skills will leave you eager for a faraway scenic weekend drive.


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