Field Notes Winter Colors Series

Though I like the lunchbag-brown they typically come in, Field Notes's recent foray into polychromatics has paid big dividends. The Colors Series is a trio of notepads designed with seasonal hues in mind. Summer 09 brought us Grass Stain green, Fall 09 the burnt, autumnal Mackinaw series, and today they launch the Winter set. Metallic inks on icy shades of black, blue and gray look just right to me, though you may have trouble laying hands on a set.

Those signed up on the Field Notes mailing list get first crack at the limited-edition books, and considering that they've sold out before being available to the general public, you may have to wait for the spring thaw to have your chance. I've still got the Fall and Summer series to fill up before I go shopping for any more, but anyone looking for a slim litlte notepad made for a battered pair of jeans or a slim blazer pocket would be advised to prick up his ears.

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