Fairy Tale Tables

His latest designs are cheekily named Whenyouweremineigaveyouallofmymoney and TISCHLEINDECKDICH: named after the Grimm's Fairy Tale in which a woodworker presents his father with a magical table that sets itself with beautiful dishes and wine. As interesting as the process is, and as charmed as the products' names are, the end product is alluring. If you're a fan of the glass table, you just may want to stop by Artware Editions your next trip to the West Village to take a look.

Markus Linnenbrick makes tables by drilling in acrylic. He's not crazy, or aggressive, necessarily: he simply has a penchant for the shape and thickness of acrylic tables from the 60s and 70s, and so has identified the surface as his canvas. This graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Berlin begins with a sanded, one-inch acrylic surface that he then drills with a whimsical sampling of holes. He fills the holes with vibrantly pigmented epoxy resin. And the effect: a raindrop-splattered puddle reflecting the colors of the world around it.

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