Back by Popular Demand, East Fork Pottery’s Taro Glaze Is Here to Welcome Spring

Back by Popular Demand, East Fork Pottery’s Taro Glaze Is Here to Welcome Spring

By Samantha Daly
Now until summer, the company’s coveted dinnerware is available in an enchanting purple hue.

Just in time for spring, Asheville, North Carolina–based pottery pros East Fork has decided to revive a beloved hue from its archives. Taro is a delicate shade that evokes visions of lilacs, juicy berries, and, of course, the speckled root vegetable it’s named after. This limited-edition glaze will be available for purchase starting Sunday, April 18 in all forms—including the newest edition to East Fork’s lineup, the Coupe.

"When we released Taro the first time in 2018, I didn't understand how gracefully and sweetly it'd integrate into every corner of my home," says East Fork CEO Connie Matisse.

To choose 2021's seasonal glazes, East Fork polled their audience—and Taro was the winner.

East Fork's cult-favorite mug in Amaro, Panna Cotta, Taro, Morel, and Eggshell.

You can shop our favorite pieces below—including some thoughtfully curated home goods inspired by Taro—or see the entire collection here.

East Fork The Coupe
In the days when East Fork used only potter’s wheels and wood-burning kilns, we offered The Coupe. We are so pleased to finally offer it again, using our current-day processes at the factory.
East Fork The Mug
Mugs tend to pile up in your cupboard. You get one from a gift shop at a National Park, another at a holiday gift exchange, another at a craft fair. Like your stuffed animals when you were a kid, you take turns using each one cuz you kinda feel bad for them. Until this one came along.
East Fork Breakfast Bowl
Our Everyday Bowl but mini. It's perfect for yogurt and granola in the morning, olives or dips on a party tray, an appetizer serving of a chilled summer soup, or a way to make eating a snack bag of Cheetos really elegant. We call the Breakfast Bowl, but we find uses for it all day long.
East Fork Toddler Cup
Toddler Cups are the perfect primer into the world of "special objects" and learning how to handle them.
East Fork Dinner Plate
We made and ate off hundreds of prototypes for The Dinner Plate before landing on this form. It has a slight lip for neat stacking and fits just right into standard dishwasher racks.
East Fork Juice Cup
Please believe us when we say that we do not judge chugging half gallons of OJ straight from the refrigerator. But if that’s not your style, meet The Juice Cup. We use the term Juice Cup loosely, and with the understanding that you might wanna knock back a few successive rounds.
East Fork Soup Bowl
Regardless of your breakfast preferences, this is the bowl to grab for a jumble of reheated leftovers, upgrading a packet of ramen with boiled eggs and kimchi, mixing up 2 person-sized batches of pancakes, and scrambling eggs, too.    ...
Hayden Wilson Whiskey Snifter
Born up the road in Yancey County, Hayden is a second-generation glassmaker, but initially, the medium didn’t hold much interest for him. He received his BFA from UNC Asheville with a concentration in sculpture and eventually arrived at glassmaking, which he’s been doing for about ten years now.

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