It’s Imperative You Get Your Hands On East Fork’s Luscious New Colorway

It’s Imperative You Get Your Hands On East Fork’s Luscious New Colorway

By Samantha Daly
The deep purple glaze, Prune, is only here for a limited time.

East Fork’s highly-anticipated new colorway is the best of both worlds: opulent yet accessible, decadent yet refined, the seasonal collection mingles effortlessly with the North Carolina–based company’s core color collection. Prune will be available on their website (and in their stores) at 7pm EST, and only for a short while, so we suggest you get your hands on it while you can.

"Prune really came as a surprise," says co-founder Connie Matisse. "The glaze team had been taking a stab at making a hot pink for several months and it just wasn’t panning out. But in the quad blend of pink attempts there was this square of purple that we couldn’t stop staring at. Amanda, who leads up our Small Batch Studio, wanted to make a round of big mugs in an unexpected color and we all got excited about the chance to do a run of purple. Purple can really go in so many directions—it can be regal, garish, girly, springy, comical, and statement making. This shade though, with its warm brown undertones, is deeply grounding. An all seasons shade that adapts to its surroundings."

East Fork Mug
This is the mug that you'll want to use every single day. Trust us. Live with others? Get a few. They'll want to use it, too.
East Fork Dinner Plate
We made and ate off hundreds of prototypes for The Dinner Plate before landing on this form. It has a slight lip for neat stacking and fits just right into standard dishwasher racks.
East Fork Toddler Cup
With a staff full of parents, the office usually has at least one or two humans under 10 in it at all times, and when it comes to snacks and lunchtime, they eat and drink from what we eat and drink from.  Toddler Cups are the perfect primer into the world of "special objects" and learning how...
East Fork Popcorn Bowl
The right size bowl for all the popcorn it takes to binge watch Game of Thrones with your sweetie. Makes a great mixing bowl or serving bowl for a crowd of 4-8.
East Fork Side Plate
This is your plate for your morning avocado toast, appetizer salads, or a slice of pie a la mode. They make a great lunch plate for you or dinner plate for kids.
East Fork Sunday Morning Mug & Tea Set
The Sunday Morning Mugs are made on the potter's wheel by Amanda Hollomon-Cook, paired with two beloved teas: Color Therapy Tea—a North Carolina grown herbal tisane with Purple Shiso, Amriti Tulsi, Lemongrass and Blue Cornflower, and Hu-Kwa—a smoky black lapsang-souchong we drink at home every...
Hayden Wilson Whiskey Snifter
Born up the road in Yancey County, Hayden is a second-generation glassmaker, but initially, the medium didn’t hold much interest for him. He received his BFA from UNC Asheville with a concentration in sculpture and eventually arrived at glassmaking, which he’s been doing for about ten years now.

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