Cast Your Votes For Dwell’s Best of Design 2018 Awards

Cast Your Votes For Dwell’s Best of Design 2018 Awards

By Dwell
Our first-ever Best of Design Awards recognize the most inspiring projects in seven categories: Dwelling, Renovation, Prefab, Small Spaces, Outdoor, Kitchen, and Bathroom.

Here at Dwell, we’re deeply committed to promoting the power of good design. Well considered design and architecture can enhance quality of life, build stronger communities, and form healthier relationships between people and the natural environment.

Waverly Residence by Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney Architects is a Best Dwelling nominee for the Best of Design 2018 Awards.

That’s why this year, we’re celebrating the outstanding projects featured in Dwell Magazine and with the inaugural Best of Design Awards. All published in 2018, our nominees in Dwelling, Renovation, Prefab, Small Spaces, Outdoor, Kitchen, and Bathroom showcase innovative solutions and creative, context-driven design.

In addition to our panel of judges, we’re turning to our community to help us select our winners, so be sure to vote for your favorites!

Antwerp Apartment by Anouk Taeymans is a Best Renovation nominee.

Our Judges

Risa Boyer

A rising Pacific Northwest architect, Risa founded Risa Boyer Architecture in Los Angeles before relocating the firm to Portland in 2008. The boutique, full-service architecture and design firm specializes in modern, timeless residences and creative environments.

Gisue Hariri

Gisue Hariri is the cofounder and creative principal director of Hariri & Hariri Architecture D.P.C., a New York–based firm established by her and sister Mojgan Hariri in 1986. Today, they are celebrated as two of the most accomplished women in American architecture and design, and are described as one of the most progressive and out-of-the-box firms. 

Josh Blumer

Josh Blumer, AIA, is a problem solver, mentor, and architect who has been a catalyst and creative force for a transformative, inspirational design process at AB Design Studio. To inspire, shape, and evaluate innovative design solutions, Josh champions an open, collaborative studio environment that sparks spirited debate and critique.

Apartment in Born by Colombo and Serboli Architecture is a Best Kitchen nominee.


  • Creative use of materials that goes beyond highlighting their intrinsic structural properties in order to create unexpected juxtapositions and inventive compositions
  • Environmentally responsible in creating safe, healthy living spaces, as well as sustainable in choosing materials derived from renewable, recyclable resources
  • Economy of means: objective is efficiently accomplished while showcasing restraint  
  • Structural innovation: use of a new material or method 
  • Programmatic innovation: novel ways of putting building functions together  
  • Aesthetic or formal innovation: use of new shapes and forms 
  • Aesthetically pleasing in responding to our modern way of life while remaining fresh, useful, and beautiful 
  • Contextualism: responsive to the conditions that surround the building, i.e. being sympathetic to scale, materials, and program

Cast Your Vote

Community voting is open from November 1-26, 2018. Winners will be announced on December 3. Don't miss the chance to vote for the Best of Design 2018 Awards!


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