Dwell at Architecture and the City
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No need to RSVP for the Sam Grawe-Zinc Details-Blu Dot jam, just show up 6:00 and hell you might even win a desk.

I'll be chatting up Dwell on Design alum Evan Mather as the SF AIA presents his film A Necessary Ruin and others. Be sure to check us out on the 22nd at the main branch of the public library, just off the Civic Center BART stop. The show starts at 6:00 and is free to all comers. Register here.

A couple other events you should not miss are Elegant Pit Stops: The Historicist Garages of San Francisco where UC David prof Mark Kessler talks about the city's garages as repositories of architectural history and reminders of how transportation and design shaped San Francisco. The opening reception is at EcoCenter on September 30th.

Also be sure to check out architect and Dwell fav David Baker's annual architectural bike ride. It starts at 11:00 AM at Justin Herman Plaza and covers 15 hilly miles of San Francisco's great post-earthquake architecture.

See you around town!

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