Dwell 24: Quincy Ellis

Quincy Ellis, 31, had spent years fabricating art for talents such as Fernando Mastrangelo when he came to a realization: "I didn't think there was enough being done with resin."
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So Ellis, an industrial designer who studied at the Rhode Island School of Design, founded Facture Studio in 2015 along with Nebojsa "Shoba" Sheric, an artist from Sarajevo. Since then, he and his partner have been developing tables, shelves, and wall pieces with simple geometries that exploit multiple layers, saturations, and opacities of resin.

We asked the breakout designer about who inspires him, his most treasured possessions, and what daily rituals get him in the zone. Read the answers below.

Nebojsa "Shoba" Sheric and Quincy Ellis of Brooklyn-based Facture Studio. "We're still so intrigued by resin's Popsicle properties," says Ellis.

Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Current location: Brooklyn, New York

Something you always carry with you: Trying to visualize how everything I see was made.

A blue gradient console from Facture Studio, made of layer of glossy resin.

First childhood memory related to design: I spent a lot of time around water when I was young and remember really wanting to make a table lamp that was surrounded by water.

Daily ritual to get into a creative space: We usually pick a visual property of a piece we like, and then do some free association and see where it leads us.

Facture Studios's SCALE collection.

Person you most admire: My grandmother, who was the CEO of an electronics factory in the '60s.

A word or phrase that is guiding you currently: Light, color, transparency.

A pair of pink SHIFT boxes for TenOverSix.

Your most treasured possession: My wedding ring that got picked up from a midtown jewelry caster during our wedding party.

Advice you would give yourself five years ago: The most important thing to do is start exploring an idea and letting that determine the final piece.

Facture Studio's SHIFT collection.

Describe your work in one word: Transparency.

Favorite or least favorite design trend: Resin!

You can follow Ellis on Facture Studio's website or on their Instagram.

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