Dwell 24: Agustina Bottoni

Dwell 24: Agustina Bottoni

By Dwell
Argentinian designer Agustina Bottoni, 34, spent years working in fashion before shifting her focus to product design and settling in Italy.

Since starting her practice in 2016, she has produced a diverse body of work—from a series of mobile-like kinetic vases to a collection of sculptures that incorporate wind chimes. In an upcoming project, Bottoni is going back to her roots, combining fashion and designer in a collection of elegant geometric tapestries.

We asked the breakout designer about who inspires her, her most treasured possession, and what daily rituals get her in the zone. Read the answers below.

"Sound is a feature that is mostly overlooked in design," Bottoni says. "We are immersed in the digital world, so it is quite refreshing to have objects that we can experience through our less-used senses."

Hometown: Buenos Aires, Argentina 

Current location: Milan, Italy

Something you always carry with you: Pen and lip balm.

First childhood memory related to design: The modernist homes I built for my pet rabbit Vincent and Michael the toad, using scraps of wood.

This glassware trio recalls 1930s Italian modernism and are  part of Souvenir Milano, curated by Raffaella Guidobono and presented during Milan Design Week 2018.

Daily ritual to get into a creative space: Turn on music, light up palo santo, and get a cup of coffee or tea. 

Musical artist or album that inspires you: Mogwai.

Person you most admire: Anonymous people standing against injustice. 

Presented during Milan Design Week 2018, this sound sculpture, Melodicware, contains brass chimes of different lengths that play pleasant musical notes. Swinging by breeze or touch, they release casual melodies inspired by Debussy.  

Talent you would most like to have: A good singing voice. 

A word or phrase that is guiding you currently: It’s a quote by Brancusi: "Simplicity is not an objective in art, but one achieves simplicity despite one's self by entering into the real sense of things."

This kinetic sculpture is composed of small floating vases that celebrate natural beauty and equilibrium. "The project is inspired by the delicate harmony found in nature, where each part needs of the other in order to be balanced," says Bottoni.

Your most treasured possession: A piece of pre-Columbian pottery.

Advice you would give yourself five years ago: Be loyal to your creative self.

Another piece in Bottoni's Eden series, this hanging vase is constructed of glass tubes and handcrafted solid brass components. "The lightness of these simple elements highlights the beauty of the flowers and leaves, which truly complete the design," says the designer.

Describe your work in one word: Delicate.

Favorite or least favorite design trend: My least favorite trend is unnecessary waste.

You can follow Bottoni on her website or on Instagram.

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