Down-to-Earth Design Online

A timeless 14-inch clock, great for a kitchen.


These leather-and-canvas bags are made from recycled deck chair slings, with a portion of profits going to the Royal Parks Foundation in London.


Here's a fully reconditioned vintage telephone. They come in 7 other colors, too.  Love!

Ditto this 1940's-style powder-coated steel bread bin.

These wool 'fisherman’s jumpers' have made on the Island of Guernsey since the 16th Century. The close stitches and tightly twisted wool guards you against sea spray and rain.

This heavy-duty stepstool is both practical and good-looking.

I'd love a grouping of these 'slate and clay' lights over a dining room table.

They can cut this oilcloth tablecloth to any size. It's available in an array of summery prints.

I'm burned out on those ubiquitous 'Keep Calm and Carry On' posters. Here's a refreshing antidote, in mug form.

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