Dispatch: Maison et Objet
By Dwell and

Perhaps a reaction to the speed of the internet, the speed of our lives, and the mass production of objects by giant manufacturers, it seems that the designers are telling us to "Slow Down to Live Better." One way appears to be bringing as much of the garden inside as possible so as to experience the outdoors while indoors:

+ Ceramic Vegetable Garden Installation (above) by Sam Barron and Nicolas Cheng for la Fabrica.

+ Mobile Forest with integrated grow light by Pinel et Pinel.

+ A Return to the Farm: Farmlife by Elizabeth Leriche.

+ A picture for you balcony, to make it look less, well, ugly.  By Visua.

+ A plant container that doubles as a side table for small spaces. Adrien Gardère for Compagnie.

All images via Marie Claire Maison
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