Tom Dixon's Latest IKEA Collaboration Is a Hackable Bed

Tom Dixon's Latest IKEA Collaboration Is a Hackable Bed

IKEA and Tom Dixon just unveiled a modular bed you can customize, personalize, and transform through a selection of headboards and accessories.

When British designer Tom Dixon first teamed up with Swedish flat-pack furniture maker IKEA, the result was a "hackable" sofa. Delaktig is a modular seating solution that can be modified, adapted, and added onto as your needs and life situation change. Now, the partnership has brought that same concept to the most-used piece of furniture in your home: the bed.

A black headboard and two matching side tables can be easily removed from the Delaktig bed frame to create a whole new look in minutes.

Launching in February 2019, the Delaktig bed is a continuation of the sofa concept, letting you personalize and transform your sleeping space, simply. Add, remove, and swap around compatible accessories—including two different headboards, and side tables that slide into the bed's aluminum frame—and create your ideal sleeping situation. The inexpensive and interchangeable system can give you a new look in minutes.

"I’m fascinated by the bed as a kind of primary unit that everybody needs," says Dixon. "It’s essential; we spend more time in contact with our beds than with any other piece of furniture. So why not make it do more?"

The Delaktig bed frame with a rattan headboard costs $479.

The headboard comes in a modern black or a softer-looking rattan, or you can go naked with no headboard at all. The bed frame is manufactured from 50 percent recycled aluminum using aviation-manufacturer technology, and it's lightweight yet sturdy, according to IKEA—so you can easily move the bed around to compliment that new look.

An accessory can be fitted onto the Delaktig bed frame to allow you to add different styles of headboard.

The accessories and decor options are somewhat limited right now, appealing primarily to those who aren't sure what their style is and want to be able to experiment without fear. (Although new bedding can make an equally impactful change without the need to take apart the bed.)

But the concept of furniture that can adapt and change as your life does is well worthy of further exploration. Just as we multitask and adapt to everything life throws at us, so should our furniture.

Learn more about the Delaktig bed by visiting Tom Dixon's website.



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