Deadbolts Go Wireless

Deadbolts Go Wireless

There’s a reason the lock and key have been around, in one form or another, for the better part of the 4,000 years. The system works…most of the time.

The folks at Schlage think it’s high time for an update, however—or at least a 21st-century makeover. To that end, the company unveiled a new wireless-controlled door lock on Wednesday known as the LiNK system. Using Z-Wave’s wireless mesh networking tech in combination with special purpose deadbolts and locks, the system basically lets home owners (or apartment dwellers) monitor and remotely control said locks with their Blackberries, iPhones or any other device with Internet access.

Actually, you get three ways to enter your home: The good ol’ fashioned key way, with a four-digit pin you can enter into the lock’s keypad, or through a mobile app you can call up on your phone.

Admittedly, it’s pretty clever idea. Not only can you remotely grant access to the UPS man or unexpected friends and relatives, but the system also eliminates the need for making extra sets of keys. That’s right, no more surprise visits from the ex.

Unfortunately, all that convenience doesn’t come cheap. A LiNK starter kit will set you back $300, not to mention an additional $13/month subscription fee to access the LiNK web portal. And if you want more than one deadbolt, well, be prepared to shell out an additional $200 for each one.


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