Create a Kitchen Designed Around Your Taste

Miele’s Generation 7000 appliances deliver the ultimate style versatility for a completely customizable culinary experience.
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A well-appointed kitchen should enhance your palate and your palette. Miele’s Generation 7000 built-in appliances feature 165 newly debuted products—from convection and combisteam ovens to coffee machines and vacuum-sealing drawers—offering an unprecedented opportunity to transform and customize any kitchen to any taste. With four distinct design lines and three color worlds, flexibility is at your fingertips. ArtLine’s sleek and streamlined handleless design allows flush integration with any kitchen surface. PureLine’s striking jet-black glass surface contrasts with a stainless steel trim for a look that is both bold in its horizontal lines and composed. VitroLine, available in Brilliant White, Graphite Grey, and Obsidian Black, offers versatility through color. The body and handle color are seamlessly unified, for a smooth, monochrome effect. ContourLine, a fresh take on the traditional kitchen, reinterprets familiar forms within an all stainless steel body for a classic, timeless look. Each design line’s interface has a clear text display, providing beautifully crisp visual prompts. With seamless elegance and intuitive technology designed around you, Generation 7000 offers an abundance of design choices to make a statement that is uniquely yours. Reflect your taste in every sense with Miele. 

"TasteControl automatically opens the oven door when the cooking time is finished–preventing overcooking and keeping food warm until you return."

Miele stainless steel appliances are pleasurably designed with a sleek and sharp appearance that fits beautifully in the kitchen. 

"Outfitted with advanced probe, sensors, and MasterChef cooking programs, this 30-inch speed oven is encased in a minimalist design that makes your culinary creations the star of your kitchen."

The Miele Combi-Steam Oven has a built in coffee machine that grinds fresh beans for full body aroma and intense flavor in every cup.

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