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This morning I came across a terrific new design blog with a clean, if quirky, aesthetic. Crap = Good is rather a strange name for a blog, and I confess that I can't totally fathom their mission statement. It could be a rough translation into English, or perhaps I'm too far gone from my college days reading abstract philosophy, nodding along in half-comprehension. "In today's over-designed, visual culture," the blog's description reads, "a counter-flow is appearing. With the title 'Crap is good' we name a common thought, and a sence (sic) of aesthetics." I don't know as I can quite parse it, but let me assure you that Crap is indeed good.

The site truly favors some of the cleanest design out there—whether graphics or furniture—though it eschews the usual cadre of design stars to take up student work, smaller projects, and objects that make clever use of recycled materials. I'd say that the general tone is one that favors simplicity over complexity in graphics and objects, though the site clearly favors designs with a sense of fun.

Here's a glimpse of the Recycling Frame by designer Helena Mattila.

Here's a glimpse of the Recycling Frame by designer Helena Mattila.

Perhaps my favorite find is the Recycling Frame by Helena Matilla. A small metal frame turns your paper bags from the market into trash bags. Not a terribly novel idea, but how often has a boxy paper bag failed as a trash can liner? With this simple support, the bag needn't be anything more than what it is.

Another nice find is the work of Spanish furniture designer Tomas Alonso. Crap = Good gives us a solid run through his charming work which finds colorful tubes wending their way around blond wood in a thoroughly playful fashion.

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