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By Jamie Waugh
It's been said that a person's first name ultimately defines them; and Cosmo is no exception. He is the owner of Cosmo Modern, a concrete-floored universe of mid-century modern furnishings that all have something rather "out there" about them: in fact he rents his furniture as props to the likes of Barneys, Vogue, the New York Times Magazine and Italian Vogue.

A dining table has hidden built-in stools that swivel out at 90-degrees from under the table's surface. Ceramic lamps drip with marvelously rich, thick pigments and glazes. And unlike a lot of new modernist shops popping up around Williamsburg this one is bursting at the seams with inventory, spilling industrial desks and hardware and Eames chairs onto the sidewalks to beckon the curious and the visually-inspired.

This is where Cosmo often sits and watches the cosmos of Brooklyn passing outside.

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