Cerno's Making-Of Videos

Cerno's Making-Of Videos

By Jaime Gillin
Cerno, a young Laguna Beach, California-based company that creates LED lighting and, more recently, furniture, has taken a very 21st-century approach to branding and marketing, hiring a producer to create custom videos that spotlight their work and company story. The company was founded in 2009 by three best friends, Nick Sheridan, Bret Englander, and Dan Wacholder, who were interested in creating pieces that would last, were produced locally (very locally, in their own workshops), and that would explore the design potential of LED technology.

They came up with some creative designs, including the streamlined Onus table lamp (above) and the Cubo bedside light, which shifts from ambient light to reading light with a bend of the jointed aluminum arm.

The Cubo in general lighting mode...

...and, with the arm pulled out, used as a reading light.

A fleet of recent, well-produced videos spotlight their design process, including this impressionistic look at the making-of the Cubo:

Cerno Start To Finish from Cerno on Vimeo.

And, most recently, they came out with this fuller introduction to the company, offering a peek into their studio and manufacturing process, and a rallying cry for manufacturing super-locally (and with your best friends). Don't miss the funny tangent into the bros sailing and surfing, and generally striking a pretty sweet live-work balance, southern California-style.


Cerno from Unique Eye on Vimeo.

I actually find these sorts of marketing videos, when done well, pretty effective and engaging, as long as they really give you something to sink your teeth into—a good story, a behind-the-scenes look at how things get made, and a sense of the personalities behind a company and a product. Have you seen any good examples recently? Share them in the comments below!


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