Cerno's Making-Of Videos

They came up with some creative designs, including the streamlined Onus table lamp (above) and the Cubo bedside light, which shifts from ambient light to reading light with a bend of the jointed aluminum arm.

The Cubo in general lighting mode...

The Cubo in general lighting mode...

...and, with the arm pulled out, used as a reading light.

...and, with the arm pulled out, used as a reading light.

A fleet of recent, well-produced videos spotlight their design process, including this impressionistic look at the making-of the Cubo:

Cerno Start To Finish from Cerno on Vimeo.

And, most recently, they came out with this fuller introduction to the company, offering a peek into their studio and manufacturing process, and a rallying cry for manufacturing super-locally (and with your best friends). Don't miss the funny tangent into the bros sailing and surfing, and generally striking a pretty sweet live-work balance, southern California-style.


Cerno from Unique Eye on Vimeo.

I actually find these sorts of marketing videos, when done well, pretty effective and engaging, as long as they really give you something to sink your teeth into—a good story, a behind-the-scenes look at how things get made, and a sense of the personalities behind a company and a product. Have you seen any good examples recently? Share them in the comments below!

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