Buffalo Releases Pocketable Mini Shinobi External Drive

By Bryan Gardiner / Published by Dwell
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Buffalo’s new MiniStation Shinobi is touted as the world’s thinnest external hard drive, and at 5mm thick (about the size of a credit card holder), it’s certainly the thinnest we’ve seen.

The secret to this drive’s slender profile is actually a Samsung brand hard drive tucked away inside—the same one used in the MacBook Airs, in fact. And while that means you’re not going to get heaping servings of storage space, the Shinobi’s impossibly thin form factor more than makes up for its relative dearth of GBs.

According to Buffalo, the new drive is both PC and Mac compatible and comes packed with other goodies like backup and sync software, as well as mobile applications such as Firefox and Thunderbird.

If your storage needs are modest and you’re in the market for something cheap and portable, you’re not going to do much better than the Shinobi—at least for now. The 30-GB version is yours for $120. Add $50 for the 60-GB version.


Bryan Gardiner


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