Boisbuchet as a Canvas
By Aaron Britt / Published by Dwell

Boisbuchet as a canvas / Luis Urculo from Luis Urculo on Vimeo.

I also couldn't resist posting this video, also by Urculo, called Covers/Versiones. It made the rounds a couple months back, but as a vision of domesticized architecture it's quite powerful. In it we see eight iconic modern structures built out of everyday objects—books, napkins, cutlery. Simultaneously mythologizing (and taking a swipe at architectural myth) Urculo gives us a homespun version of several architectural classics. Like a teenager at home in her bedroom with a guitar "covering" a tune by her favorite band, these small sculptures say as much about Urculo as the original structures say about their makers.


Covers/Luis Urculo from Luis Urculo on Vimeo.

Aaron Britt


Aaron writes the men's style column "The Pocket Square" for the San Francisco Chronicle and has written for the New York Times, the Times Magazine, Newsweek, National Geographic and others.

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