Blooming in the Bronx

The proposed structure at 1070 Anderson Avenue is an Art Deco-inspired, eight-floor building with eleven studios, seven one-bedrooms, 22 two-bedrooms and one three-bedroom apartment, prioritizing the maximum in light (read: southern exposure) and air to permeate the "L"-shaped structure. Its 6,308-square-foot courtyard will feature plants and shrubs native to the New York area and will use rainwater for irrigation.

Other green features will include green roofs on the 7th and 8th floors; a high-efficiency boiler on the roof; efficient Energy Star windows; low or no VOC paints, primers and caulks; and water-saver features throughout. The developer is considering a LEED Silver certification as well as a certain performance program that incorporates at least 20% energy reduction to the overall design.

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