A Few Fabulous Finds for the Friend of a Friend

A Few Fabulous Finds for the Friend of a Friend

If you have to get a gift for someone you don't know that well, these objects are a surefire bet.
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Ever ran into someone new who happens to be a friend of a friend? And then hit it off enough or have enough mutuals to be invited to their next holiday party, where you are obligated or expected to bring a gift? Buying for these people in our lives can seem daunting —you hardly know the person, yet you want to get them something that they can enjoy! 

Before you panic, utilize the middleman friend! (The friend both you and this new acquaintance are close to). From there, gifting should be a piece of cake. We’ve curated a list of ten fun presents that would work for a variety of acquaintances. 

Get them a really nice candle

Nest Hearth Classic Candle
Create the aroma of a warm crackling fireplace with this exquisitely fragranced Classic Candle featuring rich oud wood with frankincense and hints of smoky embers.

Basic never lets you down! A high-quality candle is a perfect present for someone you’ve just gotten to know. Match the scent to the holiday for extra oomph.

A really luxurious piece of cookware

Caraway Dutch Oven
Our ceramic Dutch Oven Pot (6.5 qt) (lid included) allows for healthy cooking in the kitchen without harmful chemicals: use for stews, bread baking, and more.

If you have a clue that the receiver of your gift loves spending time in the kitchen, a wonderful piece of cookware, like this non-toxic ceramic-coated dutch oven, might be the perfect gift for them.

An icebreaker game that'll only bring you closer

We’re Not Really Strangers Card Game
We're Not Really Strangers is a purpose driven card game and movement all about empowering meaningful connections. Three carefully crafted levels of questions and wildcards that allow you to deepen your existing relationships and create new ones.  

Maybe a little weird, but if you feel like you vibe well with this new acquaintance and would like to get to know them better, give them a game like We're Not Really Strangers! You can play it together and build your new friendship.

If they’re really into wellness…

Golde Matcha Turmeric Latte Blend
Our original superfood latte blend paired with 100% pure, shade-grown matcha for a gentle boost of jitter-free energy. 7 essential superfoods for skin glow, gut health, and sustained focus.

Use your middleman friend to find out some basic facts about this person. Are they the epitome of the LA wellness girl? A bougie superfood latte like this Matcha Turmeric pack may be a fun way for them to kickstart wellness dreams.

A zero waste gift

Package Free Night Routine Gift Set
Gift Set includes:  Goodlight Natural Scented Candle Tin in Lavender, 6oz; Package Free Shampoo Bar in Citrus; Package Free Conditioner Bar in Citrus; Lovett Sundries Face Oil with Dropper; Package Free Face Roller in Green Aventurine  - 5 pieces total

More and more people are making sustainability a part of their lifestyle. You can’t go wrong with a zero-waste gift like this Night Routine Gift Set from the Package Free Shop.

A really good book

Home Cooking: A Writer in the Kitchen

Weaving together memories, recipes, and wild tales of years spent in the kitchen, Home Cooking is Laurie Colwin's cookbook manifesto on the joys of sharing food and entertaining.


Sometimes, the best gift of all to a friend, foe, or almost a stranger, is a good read. Pick a book that inspires joy or introspection and write a little note inside the cover to personalize it.

For the caffeine connoisseurs

Copper Cow Coffee
Classic Black Ground Coffee

100% Vietnamese Origin Coffee: Our unique blend of robusta and arabica coffee exude tasting notes of rich chocolate and nutty undertones with a smooth finish. Sustainably Sourced: We pay our Vietnamese farmers 2x market rate and partner with them to drastically reduce their environmental impact. Brew Your Way: Our universal grind works with whatever home coffee maker you're loyal to - drip, french press, cold brew, pour over, and more.


The middleman friend is key here! Find out if the friend of your friend is one of the millions of people who treat coffee like an art. If yes, a bag of novelty coffee is a thoughtful gift as any.

An Interesting Vase (with Flowers)

Areaware Hex Vase
A geometric vase inspired by Brutalist design, featuring stacked hexagonal shapes from Los Angeles-based ceramic design studio, BZippy. This piece mirrors notable elements of the designer's signature Hex planter series, adapted for the glass production of this collection of vases.

Spread some joy with your present by gifting your kind-of-friend this funky vase. Give some flowers with it, and when the flowers bloom, so will their friendship with you.

A neutral throw blanket that’ll go with anything

Urban Outfitters Black Cosy Throw Blanket
Cosy throw blanket that you’ll love snuggling up with. Finished with fringe trimming. Perfect for topping a bed or sofa!

Household gifts may feel like a risky present, but you can truly never go wrong with a warm blanket in an inoffensive color palette.

Looking for something else? Check out the rest of our holiday gift guides here.

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