Baron Fig Launches Infinity—a Limited Edition Vanguard Notebook

NYC-based Baron Fig continues to innovate with thoughtful products designed to propel the creative process forward.
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Baron Fig has been on a roll lately. They continue to launch products that have a keen focus on aiding thinkers, writers, tinkerers, and creatives in doing their best creative work.

Their latest creation, the Limited Edition Infinity Vanguard notebook, is no exception. This 3-pack of notebooks has 3 distinct cover designs, all with the aim of pushing makers toward the infinite creative canvas in front of them.

To quote from Baron Fig:

Like the expanding universe or time itself, your imagination is full of endless possibility. The impossible shapes that adorn the covers of this limited edition perpetually weave, twist, and spiral into infinity. They serve as a visual reminder of your vast potential to think and create.

This is an example where the form of the product (in this case the cover and inside artwork) are designed to remind creators that the potential and canvas in front of them is never-ending. There is always more ground to capture.

Some may write this off as gimmicky but the form of physical products really can radically shape how they are used and how effective they are at their goal of encouraging better work and output.

I received a Baron Fig Work/Play II for Christmas and the combination of gridded pages juxtaposed with blank ones makes for an every-varying canvas to create, think, and explore things I otherwise never would have.

The new Infinity Vanguards seem to have the same aim: to break up the monotony of the everyday and bring some needed clarity to capturing our best ideas on paper.



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