At Home in L.A.

At Home in L.A.

By Jaime Gillin
Currently on view in Los Angeles is an unconventional show organized by the artist Fritz Haeg, best known for his Edible Estates project, in which he helps homeowners replace their front lawns with wilder, food-producing gardens. "At Home in L.A." is an interactive installation that invites visitors to make themselves at home on a massive crocheted rug and to "try out" L.A. living for a little while.

The rug becomes a base for conversation and activities like yoga and tea-drinking.

Visitors are encouraged to touch and smell the plants growing on-site.

For purposes of this show, that includes activities like "knitting, reading, napping, moving, talking, smudging, flower arranging, eating, garden fresh herbal tea drinking, music and yoga," according to Haeg's press announcement. A typical day starts with an all-levels yoga class, followed by some tea drinking, followed by a few hours of crafting, followed by a scheduled concert or reading or performance (nice life, right?!?). Visitors are encouraged to bring clean clothes, sheets, and other textiles that they can crochet into the rug, which expands with each addition and as the entire installation moves from city to city. The project, which also goes by the broader name "Domestic Integrities," was previously shown at New York's MoMA and the Hammer Museum and is currently set up in the Los Angeles art and performance space Human Resources and runs through April 4th. Starting May 11, Haeg's installation will travel to the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. During his time in Minneapolis, Haeg will serve as the museum's artist-in-residence, establishing a "foraging circle" in the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden (a geodesic dome surrounded by native wild plants) and helping a local household plant Edible Estate #16.

As part of Fritz Haeg's "At Home in L.A." installation, visitors are invited to bring old cleaned clothing, textiles, linens, towels, and sheets and crochet them into the ever-expanding circular rug.


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