Ardor for Ada

By Aaron Britt / Published by Dwell
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When putting together a room, it's easy to lapse into the "Everything-must-be-a-showpiece" mentality, and though that can certainly make for high octane interior design, just as often it bespeaks a space, and a decorator, who is simply trying too hard. Yet how often do we laud the subtle, neutral pieces that make the Womb chairs pop while still keeping the living room livable? Enter CB2's lovely table lamp, Ada.

I love the mid-century form, simple white shade and base, that it comes with three lighting intensities and that it costs $60. For those on a budget, or folk who would rather spend their cash on that coffee table, rather than the lamp that will keep you from bruising your shins on it, Ada is the perfect fit. It's large enough to hold it's own on a credenza, but not so massive as to overpower a nightstand--proper design with a paltry price tag. And if you still haven't had your fix, I may as well recommend these worthy Adas as well.

Style: "#1"

Aaron Britt


Aaron writes the men's style column "The Pocket Square" for the San Francisco Chronicle and has written for the New York Times, the Times Magazine, Newsweek, National Geographic and others.

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