Finally, Spring Water Right Out of Your Kitchen Tap

Finally, Spring Water Right Out of Your Kitchen Tap

By Samantha Daly
Presented by AquaLiv
It’s way, way better than bottled water.

Introducing the AquaLiv Water System, a seamless new way to get purified water that tastes like it came directly from a free-flowing mountain spring.

The Aqualiv Water System recreates the dynamics of a mountain spring to bring you lighter, better-tasting water. You’ll find yourself drinking more water and enjoying better-tasting coffee and tea.

The World Health Organization has recently warned against drinking reverse osmosis water, causing home dwellers to seek a smarter water solution. AquaLiv’s system utilizes Activ8, a proprietary technological design that uses several purification methods—including activated coconut carbon—to remove contaminants and preserve beneficial minerals. It even adds trace amounts of magnesium—which most Americans are deficient in—to make water naturally alkaline. And while reverse osmosis systems waste five to 20 gallons of water for every gallon produced, the AquaLiv System wastes no water. At an estimated operating cost of $0.27 per day, you’ll be saving money while saving the planet from more water bottle waste.

Choose from seven modern faucet designs, or simply use your own. Most people install the system themselves in an hour or two, but you can also call a plumber if you’re the hands-off type.

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