And the Playhaus Winner Is...

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By Ralston O'Neill
We joined James Hardie in the sandbox and tasked Dwellers to wow us with renderings of fantastical funhouses for the mini design enthusiasts in the making. Whether inspired by Bauhaus or Versailles, the challenge was to go wild and channel your inner child. With 366 total entries received, the competition was stiff. Judges selected the five finalists, but we left it to you, our audience of readers, to select the winner in live Facebook voting. Without further ado, the winner is...

Darren Ray for his $10,000 grand prize winning submission, The Fort House. Congratulations!

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The Design Decription:
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When you're six years old, the most exciting thing you can find is the box your awesome birthday gift just came packaged in. Imagine!! An entire box all for yourself! That box can become anything your wildly creative imagination can think of. It is your stage, your hideaway, your mountain face, and your deep cavern. You want to crawl inside it, and stand on top of it all at the same time. The Fort House is a imaginatively static space where color signifies active pursuits in, on, and around the fort. The vertical James Hardie siding on the exterior hides all of the wonders that can take place when you step inside. Rising out of the yard and up to a roof garden, you can explore all of your most favorite pursuits in your own fort. And most importantly, you'll have the best view in your whole neighbourhood...without even having to climb the perilous tree next door. Your Mom will approve.

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