And the Methodology Winner Is...
By Ralston O'Neill / Published by Dwell

Method Bookends submitted by Rebecca Walker. Judges and voters alike were enamored with this unique re-purposing of a Method dish soap bottle that holds your odds and ends while keeping your library in order.


Entry Description:

"As a person living in a small space, looking for ways to expand space while being able to store my belongings has always been a challenge. In this specific case, I needed bookends to organize my ever-growing book collection. After reading about this competition, I began to think about how I could reinvent my used Method bottle. It occurred to me, why don't I create bookends using my Method bottle? So I did. I split the Method bottle in half. To give the bottle support, I decided to take my unused plexiglass sheets and recycle them by cutting four pieces for my bookends. I then attached each half to a plexiglass piece. I could even use the halves of the Method bottle as storage for anything one can think of while each bookend could hold books! The two other pieces of plexiglass would hold the books from the bottom. I chose plexiglass because plexiglass is plastic and clear just like the Method bottle. Then it seems like the bookends show off what they are holding while also being able to go with everything I have!" — Rebecca Walker

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