Airstream Books

By Jamie Waugh / Published by Dwell
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There's a magical nook on Williamsburg's Metropolitan Ave. sidewalk where the Graham St. L Train vent allows the underground train's announcements to waft up through the grates to the hardware store and sidewalk bookstore above. It's called Airstream Midcentury Furniture and Books, and, as the name suggests, there aren't just books anymore: modern pieces of furniture sit on those very grates.

And excuse the pun, but it's great furniture—as are the modern pieces inside the hidden storefront where proprietor Matt Singer keeps his more expensive stuff. It's a hidden gem with both authentic and very respectable "in the style of" pieces (like the Kagan-style coffee table currently there), the majority of which coming from Scandinavia in the 60s when wood was something to be experimented with and the lumber industry was less maligned.

It's worth a trip out the L train to browse.  And buy. Prices are oh-so-fair.


Jamie Waugh


After starting in design journalism at House & Garden and CNN, Jamie runs the International Design Awards festival, which rewards visionary international design. One University of Southern California MFA later, she maintains a steady fiction and dramatic writing habit.

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