About Adam and Chad

Adam and Chad are old friends who attended high school together in Cape Town, who surfed together, traveled together, worked in film together, and now run Linus together.
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Adam McDermott - Founder, Co-Owner and Co-CEO of Linus Bike 

Born in South Africa, and raised between Los Angeles and Cape Town. Prior to Linus, Adam worked in the film industry as the key assistant to the Director of Photography. Being responsible for the working order of highly sensitive technical motion picture camera equipment was an ideal foundation for evolving his passion for building bicycles into Linus Bike. Adam’s love of bicycles has always been rooted in transportation. Linus grew from a personal need for a simple, elegant bike for daily use. For him, it’s a way of life. He realized that he was happier, healthier and more connected to his environment when his primary mode of transportation was a bicycle. The foundation of Linus was embodied by a simple plan: to make thoughtfully designed bikes and accessories that inspire people to ride more and drive less.

Chad Kushner - Co-Owner and Co-CEO of Linus Bike 

Born in a small ostrich town, Oudtshoorn, South Africa. Chad moved to Cape Town in his early years and quickly became a presence in the South African surf scene. After completing business college in Cape Town, Chad became a partner in a multi-line Cape Town-based clothing company with 7 owned & operated locations, and distribution to over 100 boutiques across South Africa. 8 years later, Chad moved to LA to start a new chapter. After 5 years as a camera technician, Chad was asked by Adam to partner with him to get Linus off the ground. Living in Venice, and using a bike as a primary mode of transport, Chad instantly grasped the potential and need for Linus. His hands-on experience managing a clothing label back in South Africa taught him the many aspects of running a business: manufacturing, supply chain, wholesale and retail sales. Together, Adam and Chad built Linus into an international brand, and best of all, put many more people on bikes then they ever imagined. 


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