A Skateboarding Devotee Gets the Lounge of His Dreams

A Skateboarding Devotee Gets the Lounge of His Dreams

As young ones, we all dreamed of turning our rooms into the most epic pillow forts, tree houses, or any number of far-fetched spaces—if only our parents were imaginative enough to allow it.

Lucky enough for a South African teen, having parents with a keen sense of design not only allowed for a skate bowl in their house, but also a dream lounge that was designed to make both kids and parents starry-eyed. 

Inspired by a teen’s interests in surfing and skating, Inhouse Brand Architects brought forth a design for the Fresnay residence that's both visionary and multifunctional. Steered by Creative Director Aidan Hart and Senior Designer Jenine Bruce, their mission was to convert an unused room into the ultimate teen-approved space.

A fully functional concrete skate bowl plays a quintessential role in the layout of the space. The walls are lined with custom art by South African street artist Jack Fox.

The six-week process of creating the concrete skate bowl didn’t start out as a utopian process. Hart and Bruce originally wanted to build it within a stepped-down recess, but quickly realized the framework wouldn’t be strong enough. Rather, they built a new timber frame with a backing shaped out of plywood and polystyrene to create a strong yet flexible base. Next, they used sand and rubble to fill in the space that was created under the foundation. Finally, cement was poured over the frame to solidify the bowl-shaped structure. The goal was for it to be fully operative—the kids of the house use it on a weekly basis.

In the adjacent bar, a black Smeg refrigerator and a surfboard rack are just a few inclusions that contribute to the overall industrialized look. Going a step further, a 4.5-meter-long timber bar created from ground and polished concrete was designed to match the flooring.  

A movie-watching seating area with a curved timber "wave" cascades from the ceiling to the floor. 

Existing in the same space is a multifunctional living room that was created for both relaxation and activity. The "wave" was constructed with steel fins clad with timber and adorned with LED strips that create a hub for watching movies—all complete with a surround sound system. Just a few steps over, an additional hangout nook lined with indigo upholstery, allows for supplementary booth seating. A pool table, vintage pinball machine, punching bag, and pull-up bar are also fitting additions to the space.

A custom board rack provides a space for the kids of the house to show off their prized decks. 

A decked-out space encourages the Fresnaye teen and his friends to follow their passions of skating and surfing by surrounding themselves with the activities en masse, while allowing the space to be a congregating environment for both teens and adults alike.

Taking a closer look at the core of the wave, you’ll find a relaxing hub for the teens to rest after a day of skating or surfing. To soften the factory-like atmosphere, track lighting with subtle LEDs were installed to create a more ambient tone—the final step in forging the perfect chill out zone.  


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