A Plugged-In Home Rises in Prague

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By William Lamb / Published by Dwell
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A family villa takes advantage of the latest in smart-home technology.

Jestico + Whiles, an architecture and interior-design firm with offices in London and Prague, designed this five-bedroom, 6,030-square-foot family villa in a village outside the Czech capital, making use of some of the latest advances in smart-home technology.

Jestico + Whiles created this five-bedroom villa for a family near Prague, Czech Republic, outfitting it with the latest smart-home technology.

The thrust of the design was to marry a relatively simple architectural aesthetic with a landscaped garden. A south-facing glass facade draws sunlight into the living area while offering generous views of the deck and the lush lawn beyond. A second-floor balcony shades the windows and keeps the interior from overheating in the summer.

A second-floor balcony overlooks a landscaped garden and a 1,000-square-foot detached garage.

Upstairs, a large skylight divides the floor into master's and children’s wings. The skylight also draws sunlight deep into the core of the ground floor. A signature feature is the natural oak stair, whose treads appear to be suspended between the wall and a transparent railing.

Floor-to-celing glass overlooks a deck and the garden beyond. The facade is a combination of light-gray stucco and cement panels.

From the outset, the firm worked with the clients to outfit the house with some of the latest smart-tech features. For example, the residents can control the lighting, security system, and audio/visual elements from anywhere with a few swipes of a smartphone or tablet. The climate-control system uses real-time data from a built-in weather station to minimize energy use. The European Union conferred an A-class energy rating on the project, according to the architects.

A signature feature is the natural oak stairs, whose treads appear to be suspended between the wall and a transparent railing.

A skylight emphasizes the division of the upper level into master's and children's wings, and draws natural light deep into the core of the ground-floor kitchen and dining area.

The kitchen features button-free appliances, and carbonated water on tap.