A Playlist for Prototypes

A Playlist for Prototypes

By Dwell
Conceptual Speakers for the Home, Imagined by Students in Finland.

You wouldn't expect a speaker to be made from concrete or inspired by boat-making techniques, yet both ideas emerged from the minds of students at Finland's Aalto University, in a course conceived in collaboration with Bang & Olufsen to reimagine the way people listen to music at home. 

The exhibited concepts represent recent student works of Aalto University’s Form Exploration Project, a course organized by the Collaborative and Industrial Design MA Program and supported by Bang & Olufsen. With the task of seeking new solutions for experiencing digital music in the home environment, eleven students designed and built their own functional prototype, in a course called Form Exploration taught by Simo Puintila.  

Belong, designed by Anastasia Ivanova.

B/S16, a floor loudspeaker by Jaakko Nikkola, asks the question: Is it possible to create a loudspeaker in a process from which design has been eliminated and still have the end result say Bang & Olufsen? 

BeoLab S, designed by Tuomas Hämäläinen, aimed to combine the simplicity of one-point music systems with the wide sound stage of traditional stereo speaker systems. The warm, wooden loudspeakers perch atop translucent cylindrical stands. 

Reflect, by Yu-Shan Huang, whose creation is meant to hide in plain sight—simply by being a beautiful object that few people would recognize as a music device. 

A top view of BeoSound Cuisine, designed by Leo Josephy. The designer considered the question of how we listen to music while we cook, and how do we control the music playback when our hands are messy.  


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