A Modernist Gas Station Made From Lego Is Fit For Any Shelf

A Modernist Gas Station Made From Lego Is Fit For Any Shelf

By Petrolicious / Published by Petrolicious
Written by Isaac Wingold

Our friends over at Lego have been putting out some remarkable, and often rather complex sets for those interested in both modern and vintage motoring as of late, like the newly-unveiled 1,167 piece Volkswagen Beetle set, and the ever intimidating 2,704 piece Porsche 911 GT3. While the aforementioned sets do conveniently provide you with all the instructions and blocks necessary to craft a detailed scale model, it’s important not to forget the true beauty of Lego, and that’s the power it gives you to be creative, and think up something of your own. 

Recently, we were contacted by a classic car enthusiast by the name of Andrea Lattanzio (aka Norton74) who in his spare time enjoys building automotive scale models, some of which have been featured in notable publications. The custom Lego builder’s latest creation was inspired by the Dutch modernist architect W.M. Dudok, and his 1953 Esso gas station design. Lattanzio set out to build a scale model of the iconic station, and the results are simply outstanding.

The Italian custom Lego builder has perfectly recreated all the minuscule components and details that make up the real station, from the v-shaped roof, to the dark grey platform upon which the two gas pumps stand. Some of our favorite details include the expertly applied livery on the Volkswagen Type 2 T1—which is impressive in and of itself—and the fully-equipped service department located inside the station.

It’s important not to forget the true beauty of Lego.

Do you have an interesting Lego build currently in the works?  Let us know in the comments!

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