A Look at Space Saving Furniture

A Look at Space Saving Furniture

By Janet Majors
Five ways to open up a space to give yourself some breathing room.

If you want to give the appearance of extra room, try these space-stretching interior design tips:

Accessorize with a purpose! Instead of simply hanging photos on your walls, use accessories that can double as storage. For instance, use a hanging magazine rack in the living room or office. The one pictured here looks more like a work of art with its flowing lines and brushed anodized aluminum material.

1) Use furniture with legs that elevate it off the ground, it will seem lighter.

Go mobile whenever possible so you can arrange furniture to suit your needs. If you’re entertaining, it's great to be able to roll chairs, the couch, the dining table, etc. into different positions. Adding casters to existing furniture is very easy as they come in a variety of sizes and colors. The spoked cast iron casters shown here are great for an industrial feel.

2) Use see-through furniture such as glass topped tables. Being able to see the floor will create a feeling of more space.

When you live in a small space it's important to make sure that as many pieces of furniture as possible serve multiple purposes. Look for an ottoman that can double as a foot stool, extra seat, or storage container. In addition, some ottomans have a lid that can be flipped around to serve as a hard surface on which to serve drinks or food.

3) Use mirrors to reflect light and space. 

When other space is limited, don’t forget to the use the walls. In the kitchen, save countertop and cabinet space by using a magnetic spice rack. No room for a full desk in your office? Purchase a laptop cabinet or computer station that can hang on the wall.

4) Use pieces of furniture that fit the scale of the space; don't try to cram huge pieces of furniture in a small room.

Don’t be afraid to invest in organization systems for your office, closet, and bedroom. They can make all the difference!

5) Remove clutter: look at all accessories and furniture with a critical eye and ask yourself if you really need them.

6) Hang drapes as close to the ceiling as possible to make the room feel taller.


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