A Former Boatbuilder Dives Into Furniture Design

A Former Boatbuilder Dives Into Furniture Design

At first, boatbuilder turned furniture designer may sound odd, but as you think about it, it makes more and more sense.
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With both furniture and boat design, one must focus on comfort, form, movement, and structural integrity. Asa Pingree, the aforementioned boatbuilder, recently launched his new furniture design company this year. He uses his experience with boating and time spent on the coast of Maine to create furniture with unique silhouettes that fit in any setting.

Posted by Nanette Wong

Photography: Chris Schoonover, Bekka Palmer, and Saul Valaitis

Now located in Brooklyn, Asa combines the simple, classic feel of Maine with the sculptural elements inspired by New York. He also keeps his father’s advice in mind when designing, which is "keep it simple, stupid." The collection consists of solid, timeless pieces made from American walnut, white oak, ebonized oak, or fog gray ash. Whether it’s a lounge chair or even an exercise bench, all of his pieces characterize Asa’s penchant for designing minimal, tactile pieces.

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