A Design Boutique Opens in Poland

A new boutique in the Silesia region promotes local design.
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Geszeft, a new boutique in Katowice, Poland, promotes local artists and fashion designers by selling apparel and accessories in an attractive modern space.

Books are displayed on one wall in a room of the Geszeft boutique that houses a cafe. Photo by Anna Domańska.

Designed by Joanna Wołoszyn and Daria Barnaś, the shop is divided between two rooms, one of which houses a small cafe where and an area where books and other items are displayed on shelves. The shop's owner, Michal Kubieniec, said the idea was to create a well-designed space to serve as a showcase for designs and clothing created locally in Katowice and the surrounding Silesia region, which straddles the borders of Poland, the Czech Republic, and Germany.

A view through the main room to the cafe. Photo by Anna Domańska.

"Geszeft is a store which represents local products," Kubieniec says by email. "It's a place which finds important to promote young Silesian fashion and to project [local] designers, artists, and writers. Jewelry made from coal, T-shirts that promote local language, Silesian illustrations, and books describing modern local architecture are some of the examples we offer. Our point is to show the identity of the region in a new, modern way, based on pure Silesian tradition and proudly taking the best it's got."

The ochre concrete walls have a deliberately rough quality to them. Photo by Anna Domańska.

Apparel and other merchandise on display at Geszeft. Photo by Anna Domańska.

Another view of the main room. Photo by Anna Domańska.

A view from behind the cafe counter. Photo by Anna Domańska.

The cafe menu is rendered in chalk on the back wall. Photo by Anna Domańska.


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