5 Ways To Update Your Garden In The New Year

5 Ways To Update Your Garden In The New Year

By Lewis Ogden / Published by Lewis Ogden

It might seem strange to be thinking about gardening when the snow is falling and the weather is freezing but as the New Year approaches its time to think about updating your garden. 

According to a recent study, on average each British person spends £30,000 a year on their garden. Instead of splashing the cash but being unsatisfied, it is time to update your garden and make it look as good as new.

This New Year, instead of resenting your garden because it is tatty, wild and out of control, here are five tips to help you embrace the elements and update your garden ready for the new year: 

1 Brighten Your Garden With Outdoor Lighting

When winter is dire and your garden is covered in darkness from dusk till dawn it can be hard to see the potential in the space you have (no matter what size). 

Instead of looking out onto a dark patch of grass get yourself some outdoor lights. Whether that is tea lights, lanterns or old fashioned lamp posts positioned throughout your garden, you will see the difference between a dark and a well-lit garden.

2 Maintenance is a Must

Although it might be difficult to get out there and mow the lawn when it is minus 15 degrees, it is also impossibly hard to maintain a garden that has been overgrowing for the past 6 months. Throughout the winter try and trim back any overhanging branches, dead plants and scrape off mould from furniture that is outdoors.

These little bits of maintenance will help you garden look brand new no matter what the season.

3 Get Yourself A Garden Shed

For many people, making there garden look brand new is all about having the right tools and what better place to store all those tools than in a garden shed. 

Not only is it the best place to find all your tools for maintaining your garden, it can also be made into a place to escape to and get a different view of your garden.

York Timber Products range of Garden Sheds have everything you need for the perfect garden accessory.Use it as a hideout in your garden and enjoy your garden all year long. 

4 Paint Your Plant Pots

If you have old or cracked plant pots in your garden looking a little worse for wear, then it might be time to update them. 

Paint them in vibrant colours, in a range of patterns and even add some glitter to get them looking brand new. This will add colour to your garden throughout the whole year and make your plants really come to life in the summer time. 

5 Get Yourself A Vegetable Patch

One great way to update your garden is to change its use. Instead of using it to lounge in that one sunny day, change part of it into a vegetable patch. In the New Year, when spring is finally sprung you will be able to see a range of vegetables waiting to be cooked with sprouting out in the garden. 

Why wait for summer? Get out there and update your garden whilst the snow holds off! 



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