5 Modern Dishwashers

Dishwashers don’t seem to hold the same cache as some of the more lust-worthy kitchen appliances (looking at you, gas ranges). However, if you’ve lived without one and spent hours cleaning up after a dinner party late into the night, you won’t take these handy machines for granted.

And now with new technical innovations and thoughtfully designed facades, dishwashers are revered for more than just their timesaving abilities. Today’s modern dishwashers are of course focused on providing a superior clean, but they’re also designed to be quiet, maximize energy efficiency, and conserve water—and they look good doing it. Here, we offer five recent models that would be right at home in the modern kitchen.

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Kate Nelischer
Kate is a community engagement facilitator in Toronto. With a background in landscape architecture and writing, she is currently completing a PhD in Planning.


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