5 Modern Dishwashers

5 Modern Dishwashers

By Kate Nelischer
Dishwashers don’t seem to hold the same cache as some of the more lust-worthy kitchen appliances (looking at you, gas ranges). However, if you’ve lived without one and spent hours cleaning up after a dinner party late into the night, you won’t take these handy machines for granted.

And now with new technical innovations and thoughtfully designed facades, dishwashers are revered for more than just their timesaving abilities. Today’s modern dishwashers are of course focused on providing a superior clean, but they’re also designed to be quiet, maximize energy efficiency, and conserve water—and they look good doing it. Here, we offer five recent models that would be right at home in the modern kitchen.

1. Bosch's Benchmark Series

Sleek and simple, the Bosch Benchmark Series tops many of the most recent consumer review lists. The series includes 13 models in North America, mainly differentiated by their sound ratings. The series is applauded for its energy efficiency, with models using just two-and-a-half gallons of hot water during normal wash cycles. They come with adjustable upper racks, a handy third rack, and interior lighting. 

Bosch is working with zeolite minerals in the company’s energy-efficient dishwashers, which can be found where volcanic rocks interact with groundwater, but are also produced commercially. Zeolites absorb water during the wash cycle, then emit enough heat to dry dishes without the aid of electricity. Other companies are offering innovations in noise reduction, water re-use, and customizable racks and settings.

2. Miele's G 6595 SCVi K2O AM

This white Miele model is designed to blend seamlessly into white kitchen cabinetry. The brand’s patented Knock2Open technology does away with handles, allowing for a completely flush facade that users can tap twice to gain access. It comes equipped with an adjustable cutlery tray and interior LED lights, and it automatically recognizes how full the load is and adjusts energy and water use accordingly. It's also one of the quietest dishwashers available at 38 decibels.  

The GE Café’s handle detail stands out, but it’s also highly rated for its cleaning abilities. It boats four bottle jets specifically for cleaning water bottles and vases, and jets just below the silverware basket. The normal cycle time of 110 minutes and an option for air drying makes this unit fairly energy efficient, earning the Energy Star certification. It’s also one of the quieter models available at 45 decibels.  

With Energy Star certification and an annual run cost of only $31, the IQ-Touch is a worthwhile investment. Electrolux has also been able to maintain energy efficiency without lengthening the cycle run time, which clocks in at 113 minutes. Three adjustable racks and two spray arms are hidden behind a clean stainless-steel facade with a simple handle.  

Samsung’s WaterWall technology creates a wall of water that glides over dishes, but users can also customize wash settings based on different zones of the dishwasher to target specific items. The stainless-steel door features an LED display, and it remains in the realm of quieter models at 44 decibels.  


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