5 Home Office Design Ideas to Make You Forget You're Working from Home

5 Home Office Design Ideas to Make You Forget You're Working from Home

By Matt Lee / Published by Matt Lee
With more and more people beginning to telecommute and work remotely from home, the home office is getting more attention than ever before. While it is possible in many cases to work from nearly anywhere including your kitchen table or a corner in your bedroom, having a dedicated home office is shown to help you increase productivity and sharpen your focus for the work day. That’s because having a dedicated space that you can go into and shut out the rest of your home life from can help you strike that work/life balance that gets so hard to find when working out of your house. These 5 home office design ideas will help you make the most of your home office space, so you can get more done there.


As anyone who has ever tried to create a home workspace by simply putting a desk in the living room knows, it’s hard to get things done when the sights and sounds of the rest of the household intrude. That’s why having a separate office space – even if it’s a carved out closet – is so important. To help make the most of your space, be sure to insulate it for sound so the noises the rest of your family make during your working hours don’t intrude on your solitude. Acoustic paneling has come a long way from the old ceiling tiles that older buildings use; you can now find acoustic panel and tile options in a range of different shapes, sizes, and colors so you can customize the look and feel of your home office while protecting it from intrusions from the rest of your household. 

Customize Your Area

You may think that all you need in your home office is a work table and a chair, but work that way for long and you’ll suddenly find your room cluttered and unusable. A truly organized home office needs to have stations, bins, shelves, bulletin boards, or other items that are personalized and customized to your use. For example, you may want to invest in a printer cart that will not only house your printer, but also ink cartridges, extra paper, and important files. Take the time to consider those things that you use every day, then find a dedicated storage solution for that item. Keep everything within the reach of your desk if at all possible to help maximize your efficiency. For example, you could put storage bins beneath your desk, shelves above it, and park your printer cart a few feet away so that everything you need is right at your fingertips. Don’t be afraid to put furnishings to double use; a hutch that can double as a desk will include built-in storage right where you need it. 

Desk and Chair

You spend the bulk of your work time at your desk, so don’t simply grab a table and chair from your dining room or stack an old door on a pair of milk cartons and call it a desk. Take the time to evaluate your needs and choose a desk and chair option accordingly.For example, do you use a lot of different types of equipment in your job? If so, then a multi-functional workstation will suit you better than standard desk. Look for a wrap-around option with varying heights so that you can sit or stand at the proper height for the task that you’re doing, while maximizing the layout of the room. This type of setup is frequently used in commercial office interior designs, where many different types of work are frequently done in one area. 

If you sit for long periods of time, be sure to put equal thought into your chair. Look for seats with back support and adjustable heights so that you can stay efficient and comfortable long term. Or, if you don’t need to sit at all, consider a standing desk, which will give you even more storage options below it and allow you to do some weight bearing exercise while you work.


Color has a huge impact on your productivity and your mood. So, when you’re setting up your home office, be sure to put some thought into the color you want to surround yourself with each day. You can go about selecting your color in one of two ways: 

> Look for a color that you have positive associations with, such as a color that reminds you of loved ones or past experiences; you’ll enjoy being surrounded by a color that you associate with good things 

> Consider a color that will affect your mood, such as red, which can be stimulating or blue, which can be calming for those with anxiety; think about your mood when working, then select a color that will push it in the right direction 

Utilize Wall Space

A lot of people put the bulk of their attention on the layout of the room itself. They think about where their furnishings will go, and whether they can fit a couch in there. But many people end up overlooking one of the most important areas of the room – the walls.Wall space can be utilized in so many ways in your home office, and not just for hanging artwork on. Custom built-in shelves can help keep your organized, while wall hanging storage solutions can help free up space in a small room. By looking up, rather than out, you can fit a lot more into a small home office than you may realize at first.

Design the Perfect Home Office 

A lot of home office design is personal to you, your home, and the work that you do there. Put some thought into how you want to work each day in order to make the most of your home office space, and use these tips to help achieve your goals. 


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