4 Tips to Make Living with Renovations Easier

4 Tips to Make Living with Renovations Easier

When you are involved in building renovations, whether a small scale domestic renovation project or a large scale industrial job you will no doubt know that there are a multitude of things to think about. Whether you are project managing the task or just putting up with it for the duration, we’re here to help you through it with some handy hints.
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Plan Your Renovations Carefully

When people decide to make changes in their home they can sometimes be a little ‘gung-ho’ in the way they go about it. They may have decided on the spur of the moment to start ripping out the bathroom or whatever without first finding out what they need to do. Remodelling one room in a house probably won’t need any planning permission, for example, but a large scale re-building or extension project maybe will. So the first thing to do is find out what, if any permissions or inspections you need before you start. Get everything down in writing and contracts signed before starting too.

Everyone Needs a Comfort Station

When you are working all day the inescapable fact is that at some point you are going to need to use a toilet. Many homeowners in particular can forget to factor in this one essential when planning their renovations. If you are remodelling a bathroom especially or you would simply feel embarrassed using the loo with tradespeople in the house, you will need to look into hiring a portable toilet. You may prefer to make one available for the use of your contractors. Rather than simply being something you associate with building sites or public events, portable toilet hire London can provide whatever you need for your renovation site. From luxury toilet blocks for large events to single toilets for home use you will be provided with everything you need to ensure the comfort and convenience of all including hand wash facilities and more besides.You will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of modern portable toilets. So when you begin to plan your renovation project don’t forget to include portable toilet hire. You’ll be glad you did.

Call in The Experts

If you are competent in the field of building and renovations then luckily you will be able to carry out much of the work yourself. Unfortunately the history of building and renovations is littered with stories of DIY disasters where unqualified or enthusiastic amateurs have embarked on a job thinking ‘how hard can it be’ then watched in disbelief as the whole job collapses under them. Don’t let this be you; always use qualified and certified tradespeople to ensure your renovations are successful. This is particularly important when it comes to plumbing or electrical tasks where it is essential – and a legal requirement in the case of electrics – to have jobs done by a certified tradesperson.

Clean Up The Mess

One thing above all that can make renovation jobs so much worse is mess. Living with dirt, dust and chaos for weeks on end can be dispiriting. Building works make an awful lot of dust and the stuff can settle absolutely everywhere, to the point that you can find yourself cleaning dust and dirt away for weeks after the renovation is completed. Try to make sure the mess is cleaned up every day, whether the contractors do it or whether you do it yourself. If you can clean as you go along so much the better. If you are renovating your home make sure you keep one room sealed off as much as possible so that you have somewhere to go where you can escape the noise and the mess.

Keeping these tips in mind might not get rid of all the stress that comes with renovations, but it is sure to make them at least a little easier to bear.


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