20 Audio Products For the Modern Music Lover

20 Audio Products For the Modern Music Lover

Here at Dwell, we love music. In fact, we usually have someone playing DJ for the day who takes requests and curates our office tunes based off of the current mood.
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Some would even say that music is necessary for the home—as well as the office. So, we dove into our shop and picked some of our favorite sound pieces on the market today. Whether you prefer to jam out with headphones on, or blast some tunes in the kitchen while preparing dinner, these products will have you covered.

Master & Dynamic ME05 Earphones
Precision-machined from solid brass and hand-finished, our ME05 Earphones feature a distinctive form with ergonomic and elegant details, including laser etching and mirrored accents that reflect light.
Nuvitron Bluetooth Sound Machine
From one lover of music to another, we present The Bluetooth Sound Machine, Nuvitron’s tribute to the history of audio development.
Caruso Bluetooth Gramophone
Paolo Cappello's Caruso Gramophone is a bluetooth enabled speaker system with a design reminiscent of its 20th century predecessor. Each unit is hand made by Venice craftsmen, and features a ceramic horn (the amplifier) mounted on a luxurious hardwood cabinet.


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