Whoo-ha, you found the editor’s letter…

Not much to say really, other than, I hope you’re having as much fun reading this as I am writing it.

Actually, on second thought, I hate that; readers and writers, it sounds so separate. That’s not what I want at all. Zoomdoggle should be a team. A fun team. The A-team of fun!

Lets form the squad, then figure out the what, how, where and when on what to do… together. Want in? Step one is letting me know who you are. Send a note to iamfunteam at zoomdoggle dot com. Be sure to include your name and where in the world you’re located. This way, if I ever wind up in your backyard—with say, the Fun-O-Meter, or to rent a movie theater to show cartoons and eat cereal with friends—we can be sure to meet up. Even better, if you have a fun idea worth sharing, maybe one that needs a little team-work to get going, let me know that too and we’ll see what we can do.