Z-A is a New York studio for design innovation, which is dedicated to exposing the unexpected in the mundane. Z-A explores adaptive materials, structures and infrastructures that can adjust and respond to changing needs, uses, and identities of a project. Through different mediums, the economy of spatial mutations and temporal existence is explored and cultivated into a specific design tool.

Guy Zucker is Principal and Founder of Z-A., and holds a Masters of Science in Advanced Architectural Design from Columbia University and a BArch. from the Technion Institute of Technology. In addition to running his practice he currently teaches a graduate design studio at the University of Pensylvania and has previously taught at design studios at Columbia and Parsons.

Everything About This Vacation Home in Israel is a Little Crazy
Everything about this vacation home is little crazy. For starters, there’s the location. It’s in Israel. In northern Galilee.