Kristen: President / Vice President / Treasurer / SecretaryBefore starting WINTERCHECK FACTORY, Kristen worked on a construction site in Tribeca managing a spiffy real estate development project. She dug the architecture, design and humongous machines but could pass on the loan requisitions, punch lists and filing. After about four years of this, she decided to embark on a new and independent venture. Two weeks later she put down a deposit on a workspace in Bushwick, bought a jigsaw and went to work. The name "WINTERCHECK" was used as an attempt to simplify her heavily consonated real last name, Wentrcek.

Sarah: Director or Synergetic Intellectual / WardrobeMaking sure we stay true to our goals and concept, Sarah is the strategy gatekeeper. With an unrivaled knowledge of all things hip, Sarah keeps us in the loop with our patrons. Her interests include dry shampoo and Bedazzling.

Aaron: Chief Innovation Experience Design and Solar Control Officer / Party Planning CommitteeAaron is ridiculously charming so naturally he is our full time hustler. He is the mastermind strategist behind our public outings and throws a slammin' holiday party (you're invited). His interests include his pug Sally, violin and hamburgers.

Danny: Strategic Intergalactic Integration Client Specialist / DJRecently migrating to Los Angeles, Danny is our expert on all things California. Because we fully intend to expand westward, Danny is coordinating our bi-costal presence. His interests include coaching kids soccer, the Kogi BBQ truck and dressing to the nines (yep, thats a tux).