Tyrone Hazen reads book like 507 Mechanical Movements. He designs and creates products to remedy his own curiosities or annoyances. In his dreams, he is the third Wright brother.
With an insatiably curious mind, ability to push bullheadedly through obstacles and a discernible mechanical inclination, Tyrone Hazen is constantly looking for innovative ways to solve problems and create things that simply make life more awesome. Recognizing his creative capacity that former professions did not allow him to express, Tyrone struck out on his own with an open commitment to fuel his imagination and make his product ideas come to life. He founded Grey Street Design in 2013 as a way to provide a unique collection of beautiful, authentic and handmade home statement pieces.

Most recently, Tyrone worked at MakerPlace in San Diego, a do-it-yourself maker space. Determined to feed his strong desire for continuous learning, he decided the best way to become fluent in each area of the shop was to design and build an actual product that required him to work with wood and metal, use laser cutters and CNC routers, and to spend time in both the electronics lab and paint/varnish booth, to name a few. The final product became known as Fireside Audiobox, an audio system with flames that respond to your favorite music. Other inventions and business ventures of Tyrone’s include a footwear accessory product, book donation non-profit start-up, and a health and fitness technology product.

Tyrone earned a degree in economics from the University of California, Los Angeles. When he’s not working on creating the next big thing, Tyrone is usually off exploring Bend, Oregon with his wife and son, reading books like 507 Mechanical Movements and volunteering his time as a pole vault coach.