ProfileTom Ptacek is an accomplished builder and designer with over 25 years of experience. He moves seamlessly from restoring historic structures and building contemporary homes to designing furniture. During the construction of his own house, Tom was inspired to create tables, cabinets and beds out of fallen trees and antique beams. With a bold and uncompromising approach, he began to sketch and build a collection of pieces inspired by the natural and graphic patterns found in the wood itself. The result is a collection of modernist furniture that function dually as objects of art.

Danish design, Art Deco, Eastern aesthetics and mid century lines are recalled in Tom’s work, while his artistry remains uniquely his own. Tom allows the wood’s individual patterns and designs to direct his process. The use of reclaimed materials brings a story to the furniture. Tom carefully selects wood for each design from his large collection of reclaimed structures. A beam, once a 100 year old tree, served as a rafter for a Staten Island School for 200 years. It is now a dining table. A floor joist from NYC has become a cabinet, designed to last a lifetime. The journey of the wood continues.

Tom’s workshop and studio sit in a peaceful woodland clearing near the Hudson River, just behind his family home and next to a barn full of happy sheep.